Supported Living

supportedlivingFrom brushing teeth to managing a budget, PSRS is there to support individuals in whatever way they need, while simultaneously working to increase skills and encourage independent living.

Our goal is to foster independence, active community participation, a positive self-image, and increased self-sufficiency, all while ensuring each individual’s health and safety.

In an effort to encourage the individuals we support to exercise personal power, informed choice making, and self-determination, we offer wrap-around services that provide whatever support may be required during a normal day— personal hygiene, household chores, scheduling of & transportation to healthcare appointments, grocery shopping & meal preparation, medication administration, and many other daily chores and activities. PSRS offers all this while maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism and dignity. We work with all of the individuals we serve to develop an Individual Support Plan (ISP) and an Individual Financial Plan (IFP). The ISP outlines supports, services and training objectives for staff to follow and the IFP provides direction on a individual’s monthly budget management, daily financial transactions, and management of personal possessions. Some individuals may have a Functional Assessment (FA), Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP), and a Cross Systems Crisis Intervention Plan (CSCIP) to support challenging and/or assaultive behaviors. PSRS’ direct care Community Support Specialists carefully record all of their work via various documentation systems and tools that are directly related to the ISP, IFP, PBSP or CSCIP.

PSRS has staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While every individual does not need such comprehensive services, PSRS is committed to providing whatever level of support is needed. PSRS supports all individuals in personal, tangible ways that lead to empowerment, optimal health & safety, independence, participation in the community, and general well-being.