PSRS - Services HousingAll PSRS’ clients either rent or own their own apartment or home. PSRS staff execute their supports with that in mind – it is the client’s home and we are guests in that home.

While PSRS does not provide housing for our clients, we are committed to working with clients and families finding clean, well-maintained housing that our clients can afford. We carefully evaluate potential apartments and homes, looking for residences that are on bus lines, close to neighborhood amenities, such as grocery stores and banks, and are safe. PSRS partners with other non-profits such as Parkview Services and Scioto Properties to locate and provide long term low cost housing for PSRS clients.

PSRS also supports clients to take advantage of the federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 voucher program managed by local housing authorities – King County Housing Authority, Renton Housing Authority and Seattle Housing Authority. Whenever the opportunity is available PSRS supports our clients to apply for this invaluable program which stabilizes a client’s rent at 1/3 of their income for rent and utilities – an amazing support for many of our clients who live on very limited incomes.