PSRS - Services EmploymentBeing gainfully employed in a meaningful job is an important part of everyone’s life. PSRS makes it a priority to support individuals to find and maintain employment. Successfully working a job not only provide’s a secure source of income to meet expenses, but instills pride and a healthy sense of self-worth.

Many individuals supported by PSRS enjoy working for community employers around the Puget Sound, and have been employed at places such as Boeing, Safeway, Palominos Restaurant, King County, Albertsons, Home Depot and Lighthouse For The Blind where they have held a variety of jobs and experienced the rich reward of long-term competitive employment.

PSRS is not a vocational or employment provider – we work collaboratively with such providers to support individuals with disabilities to achieve their employment aspirations. In tandem with working collaboratively with employment providers to find employment PSRS develops supports within the clients program to ensure success – these supports could include consistent transportation, training on the public transportation services, health sleep and awake times, and fulfilling proper dress codes and hygiene requirements.