The 12th Woman

New ImageSandy has a lot to be proud of – she just celebrated a10 year work anniversary at Seattle Athletic Club where she folds towels four days per week.  She loves her job and coworkers. Congratulations to Sandy on this awesome achievement!  Sandy also volunteers with SKCAC making dolls for sick children (used to indicate where they are hurt) and preparing hygiene kits for homeless people.

And if that weren’t enough, Sandy is an accomplished athlete and medalist who has been competing in track, bowling, and T-ball since she was 20 years old (she used to swim as well). It was impossible to count all of her Special Olympics medals and ribbons – we think it is somewhere near 100!  Sandy’s favorite sport is track, and she has six new shiny medals to show for it.SAD medals 2

Possibly the Seahawk’s biggest fan ever, Sandy touts a room full of memorabilia which includes bedding, curtains, clocks, posters, clothing, and more!  One piece is signed by her favorite player Russell Wilson.  Sandy has never been to a Seahawk’s game – she would love to go someday and wants to meet Pete Carroll -her message, “I want the Seahawks to win this year!” She also loves the Sounders SC and sports an impressive collection of their goods.  Sorry Mariners, Sandy doesn’t have room for you.

When not working, Sandy enjoys drawing, walking, shopping, and sports (including playing squash). She has lived in a beautiful spot on Angle Lake for over 20 years and likes sharing her space with her roommate (and her pet goldfish Theodore).  Sandy has lots of friends and keeps busy all week.

Sandy works hard to take care of her home – she likes to do laundry, vacuum, and wash dishes.  PSRS staff assist and support her with shopping, cooking,transportation, home maintenance, healthcare, and making sure she can keep doing all the great things she does in the community.

As a person who enjoys a fulfilling and busy life in the community, Sandy knows the importance of having staff support when she needs it.  She made a trip to Olympia earlier this year to participate in the Supported Living rally AND to meet with her representatives to tell them how much Supported Living services mean to her,  how PSRS staff give her the support she needs to make choices about her life and to do the things she loves. That’s what we’re all about.

SAD Sounders