A Homerun For Cathy

Kent, Washington’s Mayor Suzette Cooke (L) with Cathy.

Maybe you have seen Cathy at a sporting event – she has been working at the Seattle stadiums (Safeco and CenturyLink Fields) for the past 15 years!  She is responsible for sweeping areas of the stadiums, keeping the floors clean during Mariners, Seahawks, and Sounders FC games which is no small feat. Cathy prefers to work during the evening, “I like the night games because sports fans are more excited than [during] day games”.

Cathy receives employment services from SKCAC Industries and Employment Services who makes sure she receives the support she needs to do her job.  When not working at the stadiums, Cathy stays busy performing various jobs at SKCAC’s packaging and assembly facility in Kent.  She works on different tasks such as packaging creamers in a bag for the airlines, assembling cardboard dividers, collating printed materials, and other manual packaging and assembly tasks.  Cathy has reliably engaged in these work activities for 18 years.  Debbie Meyers of SKCAC says Cathy is “a hard worker and proud of her work”.

Cathy is also interested in trying other types of jobs including bagging groceries at Safeway, working at a childcare facility (she loves children), or helping the elderly.  In addition to her current work experience, Cathy used to work at a hair salon.  When asked what it means to her to have a job, Cathy replied, “You have to work hard…It’s important to get out and see people”.  She has fun at her job and gets along well with her coworkers.

PSRS recently began supporting Cathy at her home last summer.  PSRS staff ensure Cathy is able to maintain this important part of her life by arranging transportation, helping her with her morning routine, and supporting her in other areas of her daily life (home and financial management, shopping, meal prep, health appointments, etc.) so that she can continue to do the jobs she loves.  We are proud of the work Cathy does and committed to supporting her success in all aspects of her life.