Congratulations to Lisa Martin on 25 Awesome Years!


The thing that makes PSRS great is our employees; it takes special people to do the job!  Lisa started as a Community Support Specialist 25 years ago, supporting individuals in their homes and in the community. She has held several positions at PSRS since; for the past 5 years she has worked as a Client Financial Services Manager helping to ensure PSRS provides the highest possible quality of financial management and support to the individuals we serve.

Lisa had this to say, “Over the last 25 years at PSRS I have greatly enjoyed   working alongside an amazing group of hardworking coworkers. Every day PSRS continues to provide outstanding support to the clients and I am grateful knowing they are always in good hands”.

Theresa is a long time co-worker and friend who first met Lisa at Gallaudet College in DC. Lisa encouraged Theresa to apply for a job with PSRS in 1994; they have been working together ever since. “Looking back on the years gone by, we couldn’t have done it without you. Though your efforts we could  never repay, we have this one thing to say: you’ve made all the difference in every way! Happy 25th work anniversary, Lisa!”

Executive Director Chad Higman has worked with Lisa for the past 22 years. She was the first person to teach him sign language, and how to support Deaf/Blind individuals which requires specialized skills including tactile signing, symbol communication programs, and navigating their environments. “I learned a lot from Lisa and am proud of her long standing commitment to PSRS.  She has made a dramatic and positive impact in the lives of people with disabilities, their families, and our organization as a whole”.

PSRS is fortunate to have Lisa on board and thanks her for 25 years and counting!