A Day at the Track

LaDarla has always wanted to drive, but this is not an achievable goal for her. So what’s the next best thing?  The PGP Motor Sports go cart track of course!  As an incentive and reward for improving her reading skills, LaDarla’s grandmother agreed to PSRS giving her the opportunity to take a driving lesson at Pacific Raceways.

LaDarla eagerly learned ten new words so it was time to head to the race track!  PSRS Program Manager Krista Aragon coordinated a private lesson as a surprise; LaDarla was in the car on the way to the track when Krista informed her of their destination.  In Krista’s words, a warm sunny day got sunnier as LaDarla’s smile lit up the car.

Once at the raceway, LaDarla was met by two instructors who made special arrangements to each ride in front and in back of LaDarla’s go cart, ensuring her safety as they all navigated the course at 2mph. One slight crash and heroic rescue later, LaDarla was a pro.

As someone who often uses a wheelchair due to motor coordination challenges, this day at the track was not only a reward for reading but also a way to work on other skills such as coordination and reflexes, shifting between gas and break pedals, steering, and following instructions.

So what did LaDarla think of her day at the track? “I loved it and I want to go back!”.  And she did!  Special thanks to the instructors at Pacific Raceways who went above and beyond to make this an exciting experience for LaDarla.

LMG racetrack