Congratulations to Venetia Moore, recipient of the Community Residential Services Association (CRSA) Outstanding Direct Support Professional Award!  PSRS is proud to recognize Venetia’s amazing career of commitment and dedication to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities in the community.

PSRS has been privileged to have Venetia on our team, providing direct support to individuals for over 22 years.  She has been working in community based services for over 34 years, devoting a large part of her life to ensuring people who experience developmental/intellectual disabilities have opportunities, inclusion, independence, and quality supports to ensure their health and safety.

Venetia is passionate about the work she does; she understands that it is about the people she supports and what they want for their lives.  Respectfully tenacious in her advocacy, she always has one objective – to make sure all individuals supported by PSRS are getting the opportunities, experiences, skills development, and care they need and deserve.

Venetia has worked with many individuals over the years – those who require consistent behavioral supports, have intense medical/mental health needs, as well as people with communication barriers and unique challenges in the community.  She currently works with one young man who, with her support, is really overcoming obstacles.  While Venetia knows sign language, she had to learn his specialized vocabulary to successfully communicate with him, and help him do so with others.  A stabilizing force within his life, his successes can be attributed to her unwavering commitment and patience.

Venetia is a role model for supported living, and for how we would like to see all people with disabilities treated in our communities.  She truly represents PSRS values – we are very fortunate to have her on our team!