PSRS Award Winners

These PSRS employees  have been selected for their excellent work, dedication to our clients and families, and their strong advocacy for client rights, protections and quality supports. PSRS thanks these staff for the amazing impact they make everyday.

PSRS is proud to announce that Debbie Dillard was selected as the 2016 Washington State Direct Support Professional (DSP) of the year! Out of many candidates being considered, both the Community Residential Services Association (CRSA) and the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) selected Debbie for this award to recognize her great work and contributions to ID/DD individuals. Debbie makes a huge difference for our clients everyday and is an amazing advocate for all of the clients and families she supports. Congratulations Debbie – you deserve it! THANK YOU!

Visit the ANCOR website to read about Debbie’s nomination.